Tigard Balloon Festival

Festival Host
Hotel Partners
2020 Team Check-in

Grand Hotel
7265 SW Hazel Fern Rd.,
Tigard, OR 97224

Thursday, June 25: 11am-7pm

Tigard High School
9000 SW Durham Rd.,
Tigard, OR 97224

Friday, June 26: 21am-4pm
Saturday, June 27: 9am-2pm

Teams must check-in a minimum of one hour before your first game. You are encouraged to check in on Thursday so that you may obtain the forty festival passes in advance of the weekend. Your families may want the passes for Friday access to the Festival and this will allow for easier distribution to your families.

Let me know if staying at a partner hotel and festival passes might be able to be delivered to the front desk so they are available to teams that want to attend Friday activities but arriving in town later in the day.

Bring to Team Check-in

Official Tournament Game Roster:
Seven TYPED copies of the Official TFOB 6v6 Tournament Roster Form must be presented at team check-in. NO exceptions! All roster data (names and birthdays) must be on our form. The official tournament roster must be typed. All teams may roster up to 12 players and all players may be with the team on the team's sideline during the game.

Official Tournament Roster Form

Player Cards:
Every Player, Coach, and Manager on an individual team MUST be registered with the same national Assocation (AYSO, US Club, USYSA), NO EXCEPTIONS. Please get with your club registrar if you need assistance meeting this requirement.

Our preference is to have every player, coach, and manager present a valid player card at team check-in. However, we understand not all clubs may have issued player cards in time for the tournament. As a result, we will now have a secondary procedure when player cards are not available:

  1. Your Club Registrar will issue you an official TYPED roster from your club's database (Bonzi, Affinity, Demosphere, etc.) or directly from the governing assocation (USYSA, US Club, AYSO).
  2. This official roster must include the names of the players, coaches, and managers. Birthdays (playes only) and the assigned ID number must also be included.
  3. Rosters created by the club registrar, coach, or team rep will not be accepted. Rosters created in Word or Excel or other software systems will not be accepted.
  4. Hand-written names will not be allowed on the official club roster.
  5. Your Club Registrar will complete and sign the 'Certified Roster Form'.
  6. Staple the two documents (official club-issued roster and the signed/completed Certified Roster Form) and bring these to team check-in to replace player cards.

If you have guest players, they will either need a valid player card OR you can have their club registrar follow the above steps. Each guest player will need to have a separate Certified Roster Form if they do not have a valid player card. Remember that everyone on the team must be registered with the same national association.

We expect every team to follow the policies and procedures set forth by their club and by whichever national association has issued their player cards. It is the team's responsiblity to make sure they follow all rules so that the player's medical and liability insurance is not adversely affected by their non-compliance with their policies and procedures.

We do not require photos, lamination or signatures on any player cards. We can accept player cards from any of the national governing associations as long as they are not expired.

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